General conditions



1) The Houses

All houses are visited by agency staff before signing contracts with their owners. Obviously, houses in good condition are chosen, which have a functioning kitchen complete with refrigerator, stove and sink; with a bathroom that has a shower with at least hot water; of rooms complete with the necessary amenities. It should be borne in mind, however, that these are almost always private houses and therefore different from each other and it is practically impossible to have an identical and inflexible general standard for all the houses or to be able to describe them all in a complete way. To this we must add that there are different construction characteristics from place to place and sometimes even between places not far from each other. It is good, therefore, that those who have mandatory and specific needs for the home or its equipment (for example: presence of the freezer for frozen foods in the refrigerator; kitchens with oven, irons, nets and orthopedic mattresses; compulsory arrangements for single beds and doubles in the various rooms; corridors and hallways between the rooms and the bathroom; bedrooms connected by internal doors for the control of children; lack of steps between the rooms of the house or between the house and the terrace; Phobias for mosquitoes or geckos and other animals and insects; any asthma problems in the presence of fading, lime or paint used to whitewash the walls; the need for maximum silence near the house; etc. etc. etc.) specify them clearly at the time of booking and request all the necessary explanations before defining the contract and that any clarifications are put in writing on the confirmation. Each house is rented as it is described and the latter makes text for any divergence.

2) How to book and payments

It is possible to book by phone / fax / email / web. To confirm the house, unless otherwise agreed, there is a 40% down payment method within 2 days, 30% within 30 days of arrival and 30% upon arrival. It will be mandatory to communicate and prove with a copy of the receipts the payment of the deposit within the period indicated in the confirmation at our offices by fax or email, under penalty of loss of booking and refund of the amount paid. The Agency is not responsible for non-booking in case of non-timely communication and demonstration. The amounts must be received by the dates agreed in the preliminary booking phase otherwise the contract will be considered terminated for the sole and exclusive responsibility of the tenant. The rental price includes the rent of the house and, unless otherwise specified, the costs of water, electricity and gas; except where otherwise specified, excludes all linen, both for bed and bath and kitchen and any accessory services during the stay.

3) Delivery houses

The delivery of the houses is carried out by the staff of the VERTICE Real Estate Srls. Upon arrival, upon delivery of the house, the security deposit, final cleaning and the costs of any additional costs requested on site (rental, linen, etc.) must be paid. For further services such as bed linen and towels, daily beach service at a factory, and more, our agency will be happy to offer all the necessary information to improve your stay. Table linen can never be rented. Customers must go to the houses with their own means after 18.00 on the day scheduled for arrival or at the times agreed with the person in charge of the "Vertice Real Estate srls", and leave them by 10.00 on the day scheduled for departure. All transport costs, without excluding, of people and luggage to and from the house are charged to customers.

GENERAL CONDITIONS of the lease agreements

1) Leases

The leases are concluded by the "Vertice Real Estate srls" in the name and on behalf of the owner, as per mandate with representation received, at the net price due to the owner. The difference in price paid will be invoiced to the tenant as brokerage fees. If there are specific needs, it is good that you specify them at the time of booking and ask for all the necessary explanations before defining the contract. In any case, each house is rented as it is described and the latter makes text in case of divergence.

2) Reservations

Reservations are considered valid only upon receipt by the Real Estate srls of the booking confirmation and related amounts, verifiable in the bank, by the established dates. It will be mandatory to communicate and prove with a copy of the receipts the payment of the deposit within the period indicated in the confirmation at our offices by fax or email, under penalty of loss of booking and refund of the amount paid. The contracts are nominative and not transferable to third parties without the prior authorization of the agency. The lease is considered completed with the delivery of the house.

3) Payments

Within 2 days of sending the pre-emption request and receiving it, confirmation must be received with a 40% deposit, unless otherwise agreed. The balance must be received as indicated in the booking confirmation. If these terms have elapsed without having received the payments, the customer will be considered a renunciate and effectively authorizes the cancellation of the reservation. Unless otherwise specified, the rental price includes the costs of water, electricity and gas. Upon arrival, the customer must pay the security deposit, final cleaning and the costs of any additional costs required on site (transfer service, etc.).

4) Security deposit

Upon arrival, the customer is required to pay the sum of € 200.00 (two hundred / 00) for the establishment of a non-interest bearing guarantee fund. Fund that will be returned to him on departure after deduction of any damage caused to the house. The security deposit will be returned together with the return of the keys and the house to the person in charge of the VERTICE Real Estate Srls and only after the latter has checked the house. If due to a departure not communicated in time, or at times other than those scheduled, it is not possible for customers to return the keys, the security deposit will be returned later by postal order or bank transfer. In the event of damage that can be quantified to a greater extent than the security, he immediately points out that in the event of a non-amicable settlement, the lessor will act through legal channels to better protect his interests.

 5) Number of people and pets

A number of people (adults + children) may not stay in the property beyond that indicated on the property sheet. Customers are obliged to communicate the number of people who will stay in the property, specifying how many adults and how many children and the related identity documents of each person staying. For children up to 3 years of age, only one is not counted, the others are counted as adults. If the customers we have pets are obliged to communicate the type, size and number of animals. In the event that animals not previously accepted should stay, even temporarily, a penalty of € 200.00 (two hundred / 00) per day will be applied for each animal and will also be the cause of contextual termination of the contract without any burden of compensation. Customers are responsible for declarations for the purposes of public safety regulations and must communicate their tax code and the details of an identification document when booking to Vertice Real Estate srls.

6) Arrivals and departures

The arrival can take place after 17.00 on the scheduled arrival day. The departure must take place before 10.00 on the scheduled arrival day. Arrival after 20.00 will result in a penalty of € 50.00 to be paid upon collection of the keys.

7) Equipment

The accommodations are equipped with sufficient equipment and accessories for the people indicated on the price list. Please be sure, before booking, of the equipment and accessories listed in the card of the chosen house. The appliances in the house must be checked on arrival, the repair of any faults that occurred during the lease are to be promptly communicated to the Vertice Real Estate srls. Repairs and replacements will be carried out within the times compatible with the individual local realities, in a maximum of 72 hours from communication to our offices. Customers will have the spent gas cylinders replaced directly by the distributor and they will be reimbursed the amount spent upon presentation of receipts and / or invoices where consumption was specifically included.

8) Order and cleanliness

The houses are delivered clean and tidy. The final cleaning (which consists of a simple cleaning by cleaning the toilet parts of the bathroom and the kitchen sink with disinfectant detergents; sweeping and washing on the floor; equipment check) is € 65 per property with 2 bedrooms, € 80 per property with 3 rooms, € 90 property with 4 rooms. Higher costs may occasionally be required for particularly large houses. In some places, due to the presence of sand or neighboring land, it may happen that the houses or terraces are dusty after the final cleanings if the latter have been carried out in advance or in the event of gusts of wind. Customers must: wash the dishes; to empty, turn off and leave the refrigerator door open; to turn off the water heater; to empty the dustbin taking away all the garbage; to replace any furniture moved during the stay. Crockery and other household appliances (chairs, blankets, etc.) must not be used or transported outside the home. It is compulsory to use at least one sheet between the mattress and the person, even when sleeping bags are used, the lack of application may involve charges for washing mattress covers and / or bedspreads. All defaults will lead to charges assessed from time to time by the appointee himself. After delivery, the failures caused by the customer or those of ordinary maintenance (clogging of the toilet and sinks, detachment of sockets, replacement of light bulbs, damage to equipment or property, mattress covers and / or stained pillows and / or pillow covers, crockery routes, etc.) will be charged to the customer and the amounts withheld directly from the security deposit. In doubtful cases, the appointee will keep the entire deposit and return any difference together with the receipt of the expense incurred later.

9) Cancellations, cancellation policy, changes and withdrawals

All cancellations and changes must be confirmed in writing by the customer. Cancellations made by the customer for the confirmed reservation will result in the loss of any sums paid. For the purposes of the penalties, the whole stay is understood as a single period that cannot be divided into the individual weeks, the reference date for counting the days is always that of the beginning of the stay, whatever the week canceled. No-show: 24 hours after the no-show and without communication received, La Vertice Real Estate srls will be deemed free from any commitment and will return the availability of the accommodation to the owner without any burden on him.

Cancellations by Real Estate srls; if the cancellation is due to express will or serious negligence which does not allow the use of part or of the entire stay, the sums paid in part or in whole will be reimbursed depending on the period of use, in any case any penalties charged of the VERTICE Real Estate Srls cannot exceed 30% of the entire amount of the stay and will be reimbursed only and exclusively through discount vouchers, excluding any other refund for moral or material damages suffered by customers. If the cancellation is due to causes of force majeure that prevent the smooth running of the stay if these are not removed within 72 hours from the occurrence of the event or it is not possible to move home, all the amounts collected for the stay or for the part of it not used. If the chosen property is no longer available, for various reasons, in the booked period, the agency is empowered to opt for another property having the same requirements as the other (number of beds and distance from the sea), by calling or and - information email 48 hours before the start date of the stay.

10) Complaints

Each accommodation has been visited and checked, and the descriptions contained in the catalog are truthful and written in good faith. We decline all responsibility for any changes introduced by the owner or occurred after the acquisition of the house itself without our knowledge. Any faults must be immediately reported to the VERTICE Real Estate Srls and will be repaired as soon as possible, but always compatibly with the availability of materials and personnel in each location. Any complaints must be reported immediately to Vertice Real Estate srls within 12 hours of arrival at the latest. Failing this or our explicit authorization, customers who leave the accommodation prematurely will lose all rights or a possible refund of the unused rent. Any complaint reported at the end of the stay or after departure will not be taken into consideration.

11) Hole

The competent court for any controversy will be that of Latina.